About Emma

Many ask: How do you teach while being legally blind?

This is a common question I get. Well infact, my bad sight makes me push myself even harder then an average teacher would need to. I am able to see how the body is moving without other subconcious visual distractions, such as looking at clothing people are wearing or what is passing by through the window, as that detail is not there to me. I am only ever focusing on watching the movement of each individual.

It has made me want to inspire people to find other ways around barriers they may have. I love what I do and without being partially sighted, I wouldn’t of had this opportunity and so therefore it is only a positive thing.

Where did I first hear about pilates?

I have always been into fitness (mainly through dance) and really wanted to work on my core strength and body awareness. After attending a class that happened to be pilates, which I really enjoyed, I decided to continue attending on a weekly basis.

What made me want to teach?

Being partially sighted, I was always worried about going to classes because of my bad sight. Through pilates I was able to become aware of my body and how movement felt through pure concentration and descriptive verbal imagery and cues. I no longer had to rely on my bad vision to try get me through a class. I noticed that I was becoming more and more aware of my body through a new way of learning.

This really inspired me to want to teach others on how aware of their bodies they can become to improve their practice and allow others to drift off into a concentrated zone that I was now experiencing. I wanted to show people how body and mind can work together through my way of practice.

Where I trained:

I trained with Future Fit and really enjoyed my experience. I was given constant support and encouragement through my training which really motivated me to achieve my goals.

My inspiration:

I was truly inspired by the positive effect and enjoyment I was getting from pilates while training. I received some really positive feedback which motivated and inspired me to achieve my goals to teach that I thought may not be possible with my eye sight.